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Frequently Asked Questions and answers


Frequently Asked Questions and answers

Is Casa sulla Baia located directly on the seaside?
Yes, Casa sulla Baia is situated right on the seaside, providing stunning views of the bay.
How far is Casa sulla Baia from Brucoli?
Casa sulla Baia is located approximately 7.5 kilometers from Brucoli, in the heart of Eastern Sicily.
How many people can Casa sulla Baia accommodate?
Casa sulla Baia can comfortably accommodates up to 6 people. There are 2 king size bedrooms on the ground floor and one twin bedroom on the mezzanine.
Is there Wi-Fi available at Casa sulla Baia?
Yes, we provide complimentary Wi-Fi for our guests to stay connected during their stay.
Is parking available?
Yes, there is free parking just in front of the house.
Is the house equipped with bed linens and towels?
Yes, we provide clean bed linens and towels for all guests.
Is there a fully equipped kitchen?
Yes, the house features a fully equipped kitchen with an induction stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, Nespresso®, dishes, cutlery, dishwasher and other kitchen utensils.
Are pets allowed?
Sorry, but we do not allow pets inside the house.
Is there a non-smoking policy?
Yes, smoking is prohibited inside the house. Smoking is only allowed in outdoor spaces.
What are the check-in and check-out times?
Check-in is possible from 03:00 PM, while check-out is expected by 10:00 AM. In exceptional cases, we can consider alternative arrangements.
What are the rates and payment options?
Rates may vary depending on the season and length of stay. For exact details, please refer to our booking page. We accept payments via PayPal™ or bank transfer.
Is a security deposit required?
Yes, we require a security deposit of 250 euros, which will be refunded upon check-out, subject to inspection of the house’s condition.
What are the cancellation policies?
Our cancellation policies may vary depending on the season. Please refer to our terms and conditions page for details.
Why is a rental agreement required?
The signing of the short-term lease contract is provided for under art. 1, c. 2, lett. c, legge 9/12/1998 N. 431 (Residential Lease Contracts) and Articles 1571 and following of the Codice Civile (Lease) and art. 4 d.l. 50/2017 (Tax Regime for Short-Term Rentals)
How can I contact the owner in case of emergencies or questions?
In case of emergencies or for any other questions, you can reach us at the phone number or email address provided in the booking confirmation.
Is there a minimum stay requirement at Casa sulla Baia?
We typically have a minimum stay requirement of 5 nights. However, exceptions may be made depending on availability and the season.
Can you tell me more about the private beach access at Casa sulla Baia?
Certainly! Casa sulla Baia offers a private stairway leading directly to the rocky beach, providing guests with exclusive and convenient access to the stunning coastline.
What unique features does Casa sulla Baia offer?
Our Casa sulla Baia boasts a prime beachfront location, spacious living areas, and a private terrace overlooking the beautiful bay.
Is there a designated area for outdoor dining or relaxation at Casa sulla Baia?
Absolutely! Casa sulla Baia has a seaside garden with deckchairs, a spacious terrace with dining furniture perfect for outdoor dining and relaxing while enjoying the sea view and on the other side of the garden a barbecue area with dining furniture.
What is the best way to get to Casa sulla Baia from Catania or Siracusa?
The most convenient way to reach Casa sulla Baia from Catania or Siracusa is by car. The drive takes approximately 40-50 minutes.
Are there restaurants and shops within walking distance of Casa sulla Baia?
No, the nearest restaurants and shops are in Brucoli and Augusta, approximately 7.5 kilometers from the house. We’ll be happy to provide recommendations for our favorite spots. In the morning there is a door to door bakery service.
Can I enjoy water sports near Casa sulla Baia?
Absolutely! The bay offers excellent opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities.
Are there any UNESCO World Heritage Sites near Casa sulla Baia?
Yes, there are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites nearby, including the historic city of Syracuse and the Baroque towns of the Val di Noto.
Can I organize day trips to nearby attractions from Casa sulla Baia?
Sure! Casa sulla Baia is conveniently located for day trips to explore the historical sites and natural beauty of Eastern Sicily.
Is it possible to visit Mount Etna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from Casa sulla Baia?
Yes, Mount Etna, Europe’s highest and most active volcano, is within driving distance from Casa sulla Baia, making it an accessible day trip for adventurous guests.
Are there any special house rules or guidelines we should be aware of?
We kindly request guests to adhere to a few simple guidelines to ensure a pleasant stay for everyone. These will be outlined in the welcome package upon arrival.
To attend a performance at the Greek Theatre of Syracuse, in what period should I plan my stay?
To attend a performance at the Greek Theatre of Syracuse, you should plan your stay between May 10th and June 29th, 2024. During this period, the theater hosts presentations of ancient Greek dramas and classical works, providing a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in ancient theatrical culture in an authentic setting. To book tickets we recommend visiting the official theater website or contacting the booking service. Be sure to do this in advance to secure a spot at one of these exciting shows.

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